Mission Statement

Compete each game and learn life-long values that will help this team mature and succeed as a collection of young adults. Further develop the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect; conduct myself appropriately and live by that example.  Accept the responsibility to become the best possible player on and off the ice. Promote a winning attitude by giving my best effort in every practice; challenge myself to improve and push beyond my limits; and appreciate, support and respect my teammates and coaches.  The success of the season will not be solely measured by wins and losses, but what has been learned and executed on and off the ice, from the beginning to the end of the season.


Team Goals/Vision

  • Play every shift with more intensity than the opposition by outworking and out-hustling
  • Become amongst the most physical, relentless teams in the league
  • Become amongst the best-conditioned teams in the league
    Compete for the regular season title
  • Obtain amongst the lowest goals-against in the league of less than 2.00 GAA
  • Be amongst the leaders in the ICSHL for goals scored



  • Develop an outstanding work ethic; be responsible for my actions; communicate excessively
  • Develop a set of attitudes and behaviors consistent with those of a championship athlete
  • Attend all practices and arrive on time
  • Arrive one hour prior to every game
  • Never speak negatively about teammates or coaches
  • Learn from past experiences
  • Mentally understand all aspects of the game and build trust in one another
  • Have fun and strengthen your love for the game